Architecture Anti-Patterns: Pattern #3 – Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water

Anti-Pattern Name: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water
General Form:
A new idea, technology or process comes along and everyone jumps on the bandwagon forgetting the fundamental principles developed previously.
Symptoms and Consequences:

  • Lots of external and internal “marketware” describing the benefits of the new approach but often with very little substance behind them.
  • People being encouraged to go on education, join working groups etc where the new approach is described.
  • Skills in “legacy” technology become difficult to find as everyone is now trained in the new approach

Refactored Solution:

  • Ensure fundamentals are captured as principles and approaches in existing methods and processes.
  • Reinforce through training and good governance.
  • Take care when/how to adopt the new approach.

See Pattern #2

4 thoughts on “Architecture Anti-Patterns: Pattern #3 – Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water

  1. […] Architects don’t jump on the latest trend and forget what went before. When a new technology comes along it’s sometimes easy to forget that it’s just a new technology. Whilst the impact on end users may be different, the way enterprises go about integrating that technology into their business, still needs to follow tried and tested methods. Remember, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. […]

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