I am currently the Design and Technology Director at Digital Innovators, a UK based company specialising in giving young people aged 16-24 access to fulfilling career opportunities. I have been in the software business all of my life (including 32 years at IBM United Kingdom) and worked with clients from around the world and across multiple sectors. During this time I have built up a wealth of experience in the development and application of software to solving business problems.

My interest now, reflected in where I have started taking this blog since mid-2019, is in the impact of technology on our everyday lives and how it affects us all, for better or worse. I write about the issues facing the tech industry, especially with respect to artificial intelligence, privacy and the impact of the internet and social media. Given my background I look at this through the lens of architecture, strategy and design and the importance of these in building workable and human focused IT solutions.

I now only program as a hobby and as a way of understanding and staying ahead of the technology but I am available for delivering talks on the above topics, Please contact me if you’d like me to come and talk to your organisation.

I am co-author, with Peter Eeles, of the book The Process of Software Architecting.

My other passion is photography which you can find on my other blog at petercripps.photography.

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