Architecture Anti-Patterns: Pattern #4 – Too Many Chiefs

Anti-Pattern Name: Too Many Chiefs
General Form:
A large project or program is top-heavy with architects. Lots of high-level pictures and documents get produced but no real specifications are created.
Symptoms and Consequences:

  • The project has been running for several months and there is no clear plan.
  • Lots of high-level documents not following any obvious templates or serving any useful purpose (e.g. “Functional Specification”) are created.
  • No detailed specifications are in evidence (e.g. Component Models, Operational Models).
  • Overuse of MS Office products rather than “real” architecture tools.

Refactored Solution:

  • Ensure all roles are well defined and have clear deliverables.
  • Ensure all architects understand the process they are following.
  • Ensure there is a clear plan with roles and deliverables assigned.
  • Instigate use of professional tooling

See Pattern #3

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