This is for Everyone

Twenty years ago today on 30th April 1993 CERN published a brief statement that made World Wide Web technology available on a royalty free basis and changed the world forever. Here’s the innocuous piece of paper that shows this and that truly allowed Tim Berners-Lee, at the fantastic London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to claim “this is for everyone”. Over the past twenty years the web has become imbedded in all of our lives in ways which most of us could never have dreamed of and has probably given many of us in the software industry quite a secure (and for some, lucrative) living during that time.How fitting then that yesterday, almost 20 years to the day since CERN’s historic announcement, IBM announced a new appliance called IBM MessageSight designed to help organizations manage and communicate with the billions of mobile devices and sensors found in systems such as automobiles, traffic management systems, smart buildings and household appliances, the so called Internet of Things.

I’ve no idea what this announcement means in terms of capabilities, other than what is available in the press release, however it is comforting to note that foundational to IBM MessageSight is its support of MQTT, which was recently proposed to become an OASIS standard, providing a lightweight messaging transport for communication in machine to machine (M2M) and mobile environments. Today more than ever enterprises and governments are demanding compliance with open standards rather than proprietary ones so it is good to see that platforms such as MessageSight will be adhering to such standards.

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