Software Architecture Zen is Five Years Old

So Software Architecture Zen is five years old (actually on 28th July, I missed my own birthday).

I started this blog on the Blogger platform and moved to WordPress earlier this year. Whilst my WordPress following has not built up to the same level I had on Blogger I far prefer the tools and whole look and feel offered by WordPress so do not regret the move.

I’ve had just over 103,000 hits in total across both platforms in five years. Not quite up there with the Joel on Software blogs of the world but not too shabby either I think. Here are my top five posts of the last five years:

  1. Architecture vs. Design
  2. How to Create Effective Technical Presentations
  3. On Thinking Architecturally
  4. Two Diagrams All Software Architects Need
  5. The Moral Architect

I’m pleased the last one is up there as it’s a topic dear to my heart and one I plan to blog on more in the future. Here’s to the next five years!


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