Yet More Architecting

Previously  I have discussed the use of the word ‘architecting’ and whether it is a valid word when describing the thing that architects do.

One of the people who commented on that blog entry informed me that the IEEE have updated the architecture standard, IEEE-1471 which describes the architecture of a software-intensive system to ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011, Systems and software engineering — Architecture description. They have also updated slightly the definition of the word architecting to: 

The process of conceiving, defining, expressing, documenting, communicating, certifying proper implementation of, maintaining and improving an architecture throughout a system’s life cycle (i.e., “designing”).

Interesting that they have added that last bit in brackets “that is designing”. I always fall back on the words used by Grady Booch to resolve that other ongoing discussion about whether the word architecture is valid at all in describing what we do “all architecture is design but not all design is architecture”.